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About us

About us

Flying Fish trains commercial maritime professionals and instructors of water sports and mountain sports.

On the water we sail, dive and windsurf. On the mountain we go skiing, snowboarding and mountain biking.

Training and adventure

At Flying Fish we promise you professional training and international adventure.

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Train for a career, plan a gap year or take time out from work

With over 20 years’ experience in the UK, Australia, Canada and Greece, we believe we offer the best courses you will find, in the world's best training locations.

Work around the world

With every professional level course you are eligible for our free online recruitment service.

We match employers with job-seekers, at no cost to anyone using the service.

Yacht charter and race events

Flying Fish is about more than training and jobs. You can join Flying Fish as an individual crew member to compete in one of the world's great yacht races - or get a group together and charter a yacht for cruising, racing or corporate entertaining.

A personal challenge

Training with Flying Fish at professional level can be a challenging activity holiday too. Join us for the adventure of lifetime - and start a lifetime of adventure!

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