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A gap year dinghy sailing

A gap year dinghy sailing

Escape the books for a year and go dinghy sailing!

Flying Fish has been escaping on the water since 1993.

And we know the very best way to improve your own sailing is to train as an RYA dinghy sailing instructor and start teaching others.

Instructor qualifications

After a few weeks with Flying Fish in Greece or Australia, you will have the qualifications and experience you need to get a job and start earning money from your time on the water.

Personal challenge

First, we guarantee to improve your sailing technique.

Next, if you are looking for a personal challenge, you won't find one more rewarding than learning the skills needed as an RYA dinghy sailing instructor -  technical knowledge, safety awareness, communication skills, people management and group motivation.

These are all key soft skills and transferable to any career.

The next step

Now it's up to you. Choose to work as an instructor, go travelling or continue training.  

Combine work and travel and follow the sunshine. Get a job on the beach for the Med season, then fly down to the southern hemisphere for more summer sailing. 

Many Flying Fish candidates combine dinghy sailing with windsurfing, scuba diving, mountain biking or a snow sport to maximise their employment opportunities.


If you want to help finding dinghy sailing jobs during your gap year, we offer an effective online recruitment service.

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