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Staff Profile | Simona Maria Standing

24 November 2016

Join Simona for our STCW Superyacht Interior Crew Training Courses

Staff Profile | Simona Maria Standing

Simona has worked in the super yacht industry for over 7 years. It was her dream come true, travelling around the world, meeting and making great friends, many she will keep for life. She started her career at a young age of 19.


During her career she has encountered every possible issue that arises as professional crew on a super yacht and has even participated in a silver service training course by staff of Buckingham Palace.

During her time on super yachts Simona has had many adventures, including a circumnavigation of the globe, that took her to many places not normally visited by super yachts. Be sure to ask her about it.

Simona left the industry to have a family and to pursue shore based work, teaching others the means to have a successful career on the water. Being of Romanian descent Simona has always been a great communicator, strong leader and dedicated to her work. This has lead to a very successful career and the experience and knowledge to teach others and we are proud to have her working in our team.

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