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Careers advice

Careers advice

Use these pages to discover job opportunities and find out how much you can expect to earn. If you do some groundwork there is no reason not to get a job straight after training with Flying Fish.

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Next, choose your course - we welcome complete beginners and we also have fast-track courses and upgrades for experienced instructors, skippers and crew.

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As soon as you have confirmed your place on a professional level course you will be be entitled to view full details of all the jobs advertised here on this site.

Your CV

We want you to create an impressive CV (resume), even before you start training with us.

For some top tips on writing an effective one, and to download a template to get you started, read our CV advice

When it is ready you can upload it to this site and start applying for jobs.  Upload your CV now

Free online recruitment service

When you join Flying Fish you will be part of a growing professional network.

Thousands of jobs on yachts and superyachts, in water sports and mountain sports, and with associated service companies, are advertised on this site every year.

Your free membership of the Flying Fish online recruitment service means you get to hear about them first.

If you want, we will alert you by email each day when a new job appears online.

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